Dr. Hanan Selim

Ambiguity Relief Formula Brain Colours

Ambiguity Relief Formula 4 Brain Colours

Green Brain-Chaotic Processing:
Nothing Is Connected
Achieve Clarity Through Action
Need Feedback
Sees Big FUZZY Picture
Needs To See Or Experience Progress
Gets Over Things Quickly
Makes More Mistakes Than Other Colour Brains
Recovers Faster From Mistakes Than Other Colours

Red Brain-Linear Processing:
Needs Clarity
Gets Clarity Through Analysis
Long Term Perspective
May Appear Insensitive
Makes Less Mistakes Than Other Colours
Takes Longer To Recover From Mistakes Than Other Colours

Purple Brain-Relational Processing:
Everything Is Connected Through Data
Needs Lots Of Information To Get Clarity
Detailed Oriented
Creates Systems
Must Know Options
Difcult To Delegate
Orderly In Nature
Misunderstood As Insensitive
Usually Take Long To Make Decisions

Blue Brain-Intuitive Processing:
Everything Is Connected Through Sensitivity
Sensitive To Surrounding And Environment
Insightful and Intuitive
Natural Ability To Organize
May Take On Others Problems
Makes Decisions Based On Intuition
Intuitive With People And Groups

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